By quoting Arnold on Terminator ‘I’M BACK!!!’. Yea man this broke label returns to domesticate your ear HAHA! And this time we would like to introduce you ur new friend in the neighborhood, Longest. Yea please do a ‘Hi!’ thing for them. So sorry btw for those useless words, in the same we were gladly to present you their new full length ‘Endless Collide’. FYI to date, the full length itself has been produced on CD and in honour we were happy to recieve a mandate to put it out on tapes!
Musically I can describe as a good breed on indie rock and pop punk where the element itself could be found on several Topshelf roster. So fellas if you have any interest lies for reviewing this stuff, please dont hesitate to suss me out as I’ll let you know how to get the materials digitally.

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