Well by this, I would like to announce a lazy emo band from Tangerang, Indonesia named Ache just put out a new music video taken from a song of their first EP entitled ‘Turning Point ; Denali’. We made the video from the self resources and ur drummer, Tirta, is the guy behind the mind of the music video. Personally this MV has fulfilled my expectation toward the band personality in general. Loneliness is its word key 🙂

Anyway you can stream out the music video on link as follow

Its yours to judge but it would be a privilege for us if any of you could post this one out or spreading words about this music video.
Anyway ‘Tired’ EP is available on CD by two Japanese Records that can be ordered through this canal

And its available on Spotify by Sailboat Records as well

Thanks for your attention 🙂

Ache’s Account :
Bandcamp –
Instagram –

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