Microtone has been sharing her musical discoveries for a decade at KALX 90.7 FM in Berkeley, California. She has connected with her listeners through 400+ shows for KALX and variety of one-offs elsewhere. We caught one of her sets at the CoRo Coffee Room for Fault Radio and have been hooked ever since. Growing up making mixtapes on cassettes taught her how to manage the time and flow for each side. She later applied this practice through her radio shows and live sets. For her, music and mixing are a journey through space and time. Microtone’s newest mix has its own internal rhythm and makes us feel like we are moving in a liminal space, mysterious and distant, yet familiar at the same time.

This month we still have amazing mixes from YeongAra (Singapore) and Ican Harem (Bali). Starting in March 2020, we will begin a monthly collaboration with Internet Public Radio, who broadcasts from Guadalajara, Mexico! We will also continue to have our regular weekly mixes. The guest line-up for March will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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Microtone Bio
Microtone makes mixes to share musical discoveries old and new, to connect with kindred listeners and extraterrestrial, and to journey through time, space, and mood. She recently surpassed her 400th broadcast at KALX FM, the campus and community freeform radio station in Berkeley, California, where she resides.

Human Mesh Dance – Birth of a Perfect Planet (intro)
Hans Appelqvist – Jag en Gök
Fleckfumie – Waltz
Colleen – Another World
Music of the Former Bandia Court – Orchestra of Bells and Pots
Livingdog and Mike Johnson – Heart the Size of a ______
John W. Myers – I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marbled Halls
Grasscut – The Tin Man
Jumpel – Rook
Skyminds – Illuminated and Warming
Transdub Massiv – On White River
Rick Parker & Li Daiguo – All-Purpose Remedy for Indescribable Emotional Discomfort
String Theories – White Dragon
Anne Müller – Solo? Repeat!
Laurie Spiegel – The Hollows
Human Mesh Dance – Birth of a Perfect Planet (outro)
Andrey Dergatchev – Rain

About 100.000
Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2017, 100.000 is an independent record label that currently has offices in Jakarta and Baltimore, USA. Aside from releasing cassettes, shirts and prints, 100.000 also hosts a weekly mix series featuring amazing artists, musicians, and other creative people.

James & Dindie

IG: @100.ribu

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