24th September. 3rd single by singer-songwriter McGoodelovin.

I’m turning 27 this year. Time has that sense of uncertainty, doesn’t it?

I consider myself a singer-songwriter. I’ve got a couple of tunes up my sleeve and I am on my way in recording and sharing all of them to the world. So far, I’ve recorded and released my first single “Untouchable” back in April this year, then my second single “Flex Flex Flex” in July. And now I present to you my third release, titled “Com(promise)”, out on 24th September.

Find out more about the third single and tune in to my previous work by scrolling down through this page.

about the song
When seawater meets fresh water. And night meets day. Apologies meets forgiveness. Compromise is aimed in striking balance, in a world full of ideals and pressure, expectations and results, dreams and sacrifices..

To me, it was about love, and lessons. Important lessons.

Business Email: mcgoodelovin@gmail.com
Social Media & Streaming Platforms: @mcgoodelovin

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