This week’s mix comes from Manila-based visual artist, Issay Rodriguez. Her work has been exhibited at both local and international shows, including Art Dubai and The 57th International La Biennale di Venezia, Italy. Issay has also been an artist at various locations worldwide. Her mix “Music for Painting the Ceiling White” consists of songs she often listens to when she needs to clear her head. Issay’s mix begins by welcoming the rainy season in Manila, but finishes anticipating the upcoming light.

Next week, we still have a new mix Shunhor (Tokyo.) In July, we’ve got new mixes from Sabrina (Sarana, Samarinda), Alicetriana (Brother Wolf Sister Moon, Bandung) and more! Official announcement coming soon.

Issay’s Bio
Issay Rodriguez is a visual artist from the Philippines. Her portfolio of artworks includes installations, drawings, prints, objects and videos that allude to multiple tactile forms that contrast with life’s daily dose of technology amidst the burgeoning post-human. The heart of her work stems from connecting gaps and fragments of thought, memory, and feelings through inward investigations that allow her to think about one’s lived experience amidst image and object production. Rodriguez works towards configurations in the form of tactile and sensory, at times participatory, art projects in this age of fascination for the instantaneous but distressing world filled with optical pleasure.

Rodriguez obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award and Gawad Tanglaw upon graduation in 2013. Since then, she has exhibited her works locally and in different parts of Asia and Europe.

Recently, she has been working on a series of graphite drawings— Business of Losing Touch— in between house chores, baking and painting the walls & ceilings of their home white.


1. Black Sands – Bonobo
2. Time for Space – Emancipator
3. Heptapod B – Johann Johansson
4. Alone in Kyoto – Air
5. Comptine d’un autre été, l’apres midi – Yann Tiersen
6. Passing Trains – George Fitzgerald
7. Truth is Light – Joe Goddard
8. School – Four Tet
9. Love on a Real Train – Tangerine Dream
10. Art in the Age of Automation – Portico Quartet
11. Ruins – Portico Quartet
12. Get Thy Bearings – Bonobo ft.Szjerdene
13. Welcome State – Elder Island
14. Satie I – Thylacine
15. Sunday – HNNY
16. Bonobo – Migration
17. Bibio – Petals

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