SMA Negeri 3 Proudly Present

Grand Concert Padmanaba Orchestra “Vicario”

His heart has already tuned

Everything that passed has a meaning. Life isn’t only about your desire, but also other’s help. Have you respected them? With Padzchestra’s fascinating recital we will take you to memorialize it.

December 16th 2019
Auditorium Driyarkara Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta

Seville : 100k
Mozart : 95k
Berlioz : 80k
Vittorio : 65k
Eleanor : 60k

Ticket Box:
Monday, October 14th 2019
Lobby SMA Negeri 3 Yogyakarta

Contact Person:
082231764664 (Naya)
087880190699 (Diaz)

More info
Line : @war9848c
Instagram : @Padzchestra @eventpadz
Twitter: @Padzchestra3b

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