“How to Dance Alone” by Featuz

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Today (25/9) I released my second single titled “How to Dance Alone”. It’s quite difficult to put things into words about this song on this press release junket because the song hits close to home.

In the midst of March this year, i lost an important figure in my life which is my grandmother. It’s funny how the sense of loss is something that’s close to us, throughout our lives there will be times where we must let things go and move on with our lives. After all we’re all stories in the end.

“How to Dance Alone” is about trying to move on after losing someone you love as you traveled through the memories you had with that person. The release date for this single also means a lot to me because it would’ve been her birthday.

Thank you for the opportunity and for your time. To listen to the single, kindly click the link below.




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