Located above a busy cafe in South Jakarta, Moonship Music is a small sanctuary for jazz, funk, ambient and balearic lovers. Ekel, the owner, left his 9-to-5 job in 2019 to dive deeper into the world of vinyl. The Moonship shop, blog and mix series are named in homage to Sun Ra’s “Moonship Journey”. Ekel’s newest mix is a perfect representation of the Moonship aesthetic. Get ready to dwell in an eclectic, modern past filled with avant jazz, minimalist electronics and syncopated rhythms throughout!

Coming later in February, we will have mixes from Microtone (USA), YeongAra (Singapore) and Ican Harem (Bali). We will announce our March selectors soon!

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Ekel’s Bio
In his younger years, Ekel played bass with a heavy nod to the funk tradition. In 2017, he began collecting records; excited by the process of searching for and finding new-to-him music and genres. He then opened Moonship Music, a record store inspired by and curated around his fascination with the evolution of electronic music & digging culture. The culture and community of crate-digging provided him an essential platform to address his life-long aspiration of preserving cultural significance within the music industry he has always known and loved.


Radiante Pourpre – Iemanja
Sourakata Koite – Ha-Madi
Fernando Falcao – Ladeira dos Inocentes
Frey / Tiepold / Thierfelder – Mochastreet
Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language – A.B.C.D
Ben Vince ft. Rupert Clervaux – Sensory Crossing
New World Science – Movement 3
Karin Krog & John Surman – Cloud Line Blue
The Gritness Acoustronics – Degi Degi
RAMZi ft. Jumanji – Kombat

About 100.000
Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2017, 100.000 is an independent record label that currently has offices in Jakarta and Baltimore, USA. Aside from releasing cassettes, shirts and prints, 100.000 also hosts a weekly mix series featuring amazing artists, musicians, and other creative people.

James & Dindie

IG: @100.ribu

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