We’ve been religiously listening to Tomoyuki Fujii’s show Mori to Kiroku no Ongaku on Lyl Radio for the past two years, along with his mixes with various outlets, such as Sanpo Disco, Hamon Radio, Tonal Unity, Lullabies for Insomniacs, Radio Relativa, and Dug Up the Bongo. And we love his ambient-centric blog, Mori to Kiroku no Ongaku, which recently went on hiatus after 12 years. Even though he’s taking a break from music blogging, he’s still active in collecting music and making mixes.

Fujii’s latest mix for 100.000 was inspired by his memories of the 80s/90s hustle and bustle of Japan’s economy. In present day, the same shopping areas feel a bit deserted and much less lively.

Mix Link:

1. Simon Stockhausen – Floating Free
2. No Data – Bébé Nirvana
3. Bob James – Rain
4. Alice – Blue Melody
5. Studio Five – From The Forest 1
6. Clannad – Ocean Of Light
7. John Beltran – Sub-Surface
8. Ron Cooley – Willows In The Wind
9. Gianluca Mosole – Halloween
10. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Colours Of The Rainbow
11. Buddhastick Transparent – Million Mirage
12. Fowler & Branca – Only The Love Remains
13. Sam Wilkes – Run

Tomoyuki Fujii is a music lover who was born in Iwate and lives in Niigata, Japan. Since 2008, he has organized an improvised and experimental music concert series named “fleaongak.” He works as a graphic designer for an advertising firm and has published small handmade books focused on ambient music. He also ran a wonderful music blog “森と記録の音楽 (Mori to Kiroku no Ongaku)” from 2007 to 2019. His blog is currently on hiatus.

Tomoyuki Fujii would like to thank all of the musical friends he has met through the blog. This mix is inspired by my old memories and recent listening.


About 100.000
Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2017, 100.000 is an independent record label that currently has offices in Jakarta, ID and Baltimore, USA. Aside from releasing cassettes, shirts and prints, 100.000 hosts a weekly mix series on Mixcloud and a monthly internet radio show on Internet Pubic Radio (Guadalajara, Mexico)

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IG: @100.ribu

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