Gentur Suria X Luise Najib - LOVE AFFAIR

Luise Najib Segera Merilis Single “Love Affair”

Setelah meluncurkan single pada tahun 2013 lalu, Luise Najib kembali hadir dengan menyuguhkan hasrat musik terpendamnya yang telah digarap beberapa waktu belakangan. Perjalanannya yang malang melintang di industri musik Indonesia belum membuatnya puas. Bermula dari menjadi vokalis band, mengikuti ajang pencarian bakat bergengsi, hingga menjalankan sejumlah tour dengan berbagai musisi seperti Superman is Dead, J-Rocks, Bondan Prakoso, dan The S.I.G.I.T; kini Luise semakin mantap bereksplorasi dengan genre musik yang sudah lama ingin ia suguhkan.

Berbeda dari musik yang sebelumnya ia bawakan, solois yang berdomisili di Yogyakarta ini lebih banyak mengeksplorasi musik pop yang kental dengan nuansa elektronik. Setelah berkutat di dalam studio setahun terakhir, sebuah karya bertajuk “Love Affair” telah rampung dikerjakan dan siap dirilis pada tanggal 31 Januari mendatang.

Penggarapan single terbarunya ini pun menjadi tantangan tersendiri bagi Luise, karena ia juga menjabat sebagai producer dan bekerja sama dengan Vicki Unggul sebagai co-producer. Untuk urusan artwork, Luise juga berkolaborasi dengan seniman visual, Gentur Suria, yang menghadirkan artwork bertajuk “Sukma”, mewakili isi dari lagu “Love Affair”.

Pada tanggal yang telah ditentukan, “Love Affair” akan hadir dalam format audio yang bisa dinikmati di berbagai layanan musik streaming dan digital serta format audio visual. Luise berharap, single “Love Affair” ini bisa menyapa kembali pendengarnya sebelum ia meluncurkan album penuhnya beberapa bulan ke depan. Untuk mengobati rasa penasaran pendengarnya, teaser dari single terbarunya ini sudah dapat dilihat di akun Youtube (




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It’s a misty day in the morning. Your toes touching each other
under your favorite blanket. It’s cold. Sun should be out just now,
but the rain is pouring. The falling leaves are hitting your
window, thanks to the mild blowing wind, making random
knocking sounds. It’s relaxing, but you have to get up. Luise
Najib will offer you to grab that cup of warm water and sit down
on your terrace. Be the audience of the rain knocking down the
earth or just enjoy your own thoughts on your love affairs. You
may also savor feeling blue or even imagine yourself stranded in
an island really far from where you are. Why don’t you eat
something a little extra ordinary for breakfast? Luise Najib will
give you Shakshouka. Eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce with
some heat thrown in it. This spicy Middle Eastern breakfast is
perfect to release your endorphins. Perfect to balance out the
gloomy start, isn’t it?

Having had the influences from Divas in the 90s, like
Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, Luise Najib’s
vocal grew rather strong. She liked to belt her voice out to the
fullest. She has experienced ups and downs, high and low tides in
the music industry. Luise has been in several bands since Junior
High School.

Her former band The Cadenzza got to the final of LA Lights
Indiefest, Bronze Prize at AVIMA (Asia Pacific Voice
Independent Music Awards), and different wins at events and
festivals. Luise herself has toured with famous Indonesian
musicians like Superman is Dead, J-Rocks, Bondan Prakoso and
The Sigit. She got to big 12 of The Voice Indonesia, and soon
after she also released an Indonesian powerhouse single
“Cobalah Untuk Setia” tutored by Rieka Roeslan from The
Groove. However, she still feels she hasn’t let people know who
she really is through music.

Now she is a devoted listener of James Blake, Jamie Woon,
James Vincent McMorrow, Bon Iver, BANKS, Jessie Ware, Kimbra,
etc. Luise has chosen to tone down a bit and focus more into
experimenting her powerhouse vocals and mix it with electronic
music. Trying to blend those to create good and unique sounds.
Music that is not tiring to the ears. For this, she chose to
experiment with her looping station. A device that can create
layers of sounds and make the background music out of it. In her
upcoming album, there are sounds she had taken from the Mother
Nature itself to create some of the beats and the mood. You will be
familiar with the sound of the rain, the waves, the wind, water,
even crickets.

In this new album, she has come to designate more sultry and
whispery vocals, but also powerful at the right places. Luise Najib
tries to be as honest as possible when it comes to her music now ,
lyrically and musically. Delivering the message justly and
correctly is really important to her. Like the hopeless romantic
that she is, heartbreaks, and the mistakes she’s done, also daily
life phenomenons which inspire her in some deep ways, her
music will tell you about those.

Hungry to show people her new creation is to say the least.
Getting the help from Vicki Unggul as the Co-Producer, and
Luise herself as the Producer, this is gonna be the first album of
Luise Najib. It’s going to be an exciting journey!

IG : @LuiseNajib
FB : Luise Najib
Twitter : @LuiseNajib

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