We’ve been big fans of Lupini’s shows ‘Kaleidosound’ on Netil Radio and ‘Club Dread’ on Melodic Distraction for a long time! Her newest mix is very different, as it’s structured more like a sound collage. This is her love letter to the North of England and it’s 100% artists or labels from the region. Friends, family, lovers, strangers, and a few artists she’s only admired from afar…all threaded together by locality. Lupini also drops in a few of her own, short recordings. Front to back, this mix feels like you’re on a bus, watching the scenery change and hearing familiar sounds, as the lady next to you quietly thinks out loud.

Next week we will have Afra Suci (Jakarta) and sweet comeback mixes from Madrotter (Bandung/Rotterdam) and Logic Lost (Jakarta) in August, as well as Joee & I (Philippines) and Ala Muerte (France)!

Lupini’s Bio
Nina Franklin aka Lupini aka ambient gf is a Liverpool-located vegetarian. She is part of the studio furniture at Melodic Distraction and co-runs a party called ATHE that places womxn and artists of colour centre stage in the techno/club/electro/hardcore continuum. She hosts DJ Workshops for Womxn and is in the process of writing up A Guide to Promoting for Womxn. She has been generously described as an “administrator of the Liverpool music scene.” Having poked her fingers in clubs, bars, radio stations and venues.

Veering from club-ready to home-listening in a heartbeat, her taste is always unexpected. Her show ‘Club Dread’ on Melodic Distraction focuses on club-ready yet sludged out sounds, and her long-standing residency on Netil’s flagship weekly show ‘Kaleidosound’ is a home for more gentle, psychedelic sounds, from dub to artpop, with fixtures of “avant-garde” and “experimental” home listening thrown in.“

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