Hi! Its been good to be prolific and being prolofic for mailing you my press release! We’re back with another FUN FUN FUN stuff to put out now. This one comes out from a folk split of the two internet buds, yet I do admit that up this very second we havent met each other, San-Ei and Shorthand Phonetics.

Well its kinda ackward yet fucking to write the things for my own music project, but lets get em started. Along the way, my musical project could only produce several splits with a non proper quality recording. Let say its just me, acoustic guitar, and phones to record my stuff. On this split, you will hear another one! Fukk yea nothin special. And suprisingly I shot a message to Ababil to get San-Ei a split with Shorthand Phonetics and accidently he says a YES and there you go! Like Shorthand Phonetics is trully the unspoken hero for the emo revival things today. This dude has started this whole things back waaayyy before you start to collect Run For Cover catalogue or being over reacting to American Football’s full length.

I do it for fun and I believe Ababil does too, so yes there you this split for an NYP exclusively on Rizkan Records bandcamp.

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Cheers and Have A Good Day

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