Bukamusik by Bukalapak
in partnership with Heartfelt Collective present
Connectified Tour 2018: Malang Chapter


Polka Wars

A group of young independent Jakarta musicpreneurs will share their tips and trick on how to be successful through music to music enthusiasts in Malang

The Panturas

Are a group of struggling Musicpreneurs who will deliver their critical view of Indonesian maritime affairs from Jatinangor. Their main concern always consists of the living quality of fishermen and surfers. They Just released a song dedicated to the Queen of the Southern Coast of Java

Head head

Young Enterpreneurs turned Musicpreneurs from Malang who saw the business opportunity of the wave of 80s alternative retro rock music and eagerly spread mass awareness that today’s reality is merely a vivid thing


one of the most succesful musicpreneurs in Malang that put gestures of love and intimacy as the golden essences to succesful life

Nocturnal Moon

One of the children of the night who is longing for the sun who discovered his true calling in the dark corners of the underground youth party in Malang

This event will be held on Rust Bar and Cafe on December 19, 2018

buy your tickets at bit.ly/heartfelttix

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