RE:UNION, is releasing their first single “Home”. The singles’s official lyric-video
was released on Youtube on 2nd of February 2020 and will be available on
digital platforms (Spotify and Apple Music) on the 1st of March 2020. After a
decade pursuing their own careers, Raka, Sansan and Onadio are finally
coming together for a comeback, bringing the old Killing Me Inside band with a
fresh modern twist, under the name RE:UNION.

“Home” is getaway track into the new RE:UNION, mixing modern sounds with
electronic music touches with their old metal and emo roots. The song
highlights Sansan’s unexpected softer vocals to suit the theme of coming
home, reminiscence and going back to the place where they spent their youth
together, not expecting to have a chance of reuniting. The song finishes strong
with heavy breakdown accompanied by screams and shouts. The song shows
how the band has matured, regardless of their chaotic histories and
demonstrated what friends, family and the ones from day one, really meant.

RE:UNION was originally the famed emo/screamo band “Killing Me Inside”,
they are now consisted of the three ex members; Raka Cyril, Sansan Choa and
Onadio Leonardo. The South Jakarta based band started in 2005, reaching a
niche market of fast growing fans from their first 3 song releases. Killing Me
Inside grew from their music, as well as setting trends thorugh lifestyle and
fashion adaptations. After a while, members started leaving Killing Me Inside
to pursue their own goals, each creating new bands with softer genres of
music, in aims of reaching a wider market. Raka, Sansan and Onadio have each
made a name for themselves through these renowned bands, respectively; Vierratale. Pee Wee Gaskins and L.Y.O.N.

IN late 2019, the three ex-members was presented an opportunity to come
back and do a reunion stage performance at Synchronize Festival. Their
comeback brought huge amounts of nostalgia, fans were satisfied and has
asked for more. So, now here they are coming back as, RE:UNION.


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact :
Samuel Adhitya – Creative Director
Mobile : 0811 810 1308
Email :

Jl. Ampera 1 No. 34, Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia 12550

IG : @killingmereunion

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