The Sugar Spun debuts “A Thousand Tiny Thoughts” through The Storefront

Weeks ahead of their scheduled release date on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, etc., The Sugar Spun decided to release their debut full-length, titled “A Thousand Tiny Thoughts” through the good people at The Storefront. The full-length also features a number of fresh names as collaborating artists—Jasmine Risach and Sbplusix.

The 10-track album “A Thousand Tiny Thoughts” is now available for digital download!

As the band said about their debut LP:
“Exploring causality and butterfly effects of self-isolation, A Thousand Tiny Thoughts is a concept album containing 10 tracks that are intended to remind and/or inform people on what self-isolation can bring forth. Loosening relationships between people that one considers as close, indefinite isolation(s), little things that most probably will disturb one’s psyche, separation(s), growth, developments and things that we shrugged off as unimportant which turned out as the opposite. The album itself is an emotional journey through a sunny-yet-sometimes-cloudy theme park, bursting through twists and turns and surprises—a personal ‘ride’ that you can enjoy at any given time.”


1. I Heard Me Talking
2. Leave The Womb (ft. SBPLUSIX)
3. Sugarsnap
4. Keep On Walking
5. Can’t You See, Mama
6. Madhouse
7. Seclusion
8. Have I Ever (ft. Jasmine Risach)
9. Ocean Tides
10. No Strings Attached

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