This week we have a new mix from Tokyo’s DJ/architect, Shunhor (aka Shun Horiki). We LOVE his sets from the bi-monthly party, Euphony, and are so excited to be working with him! His newest electronic dance mix, “Māchina Harmonia,” fuses the organic with the inorganic, and feels like an airy, spacious structure built with traditional instruments, bronze xylophones, mechanical rhythms, and cold-machine electronics.

In July, we’re excited to release mixes from four amazing women: Sabrina (Sarana, Samarinda), Alicetriana (Ex-Brother Wolf Sister Moon, Bandung), Lupini (Melodic Distraction, UK) and Afra Suci (Jakarta)!

Shunhor’s Bio
The rhythm of darkness. The sensual odour from Shangri-la. The space and sound Shunhor creates fuses a diverse variety of sounds, from player’s breathing to cold machine-sounds. Shunhor is on decks at regular parties in Tokyo, including Euphony at Aoyama Zero with Kaoru Inoue and maa, and Breathless at Nowhere in Somewhere with AI.U and Liberate. Outside of regular parties in Tokyo, he also plays throughout the continent.

1. Haku- Japanese narration: poetic excerpts from “For Me, The Rays of The Sun”
2. Orlando – Orogony
3. Otik – Wetlands
4. Lena Willikens – Paredo Megamix
5. Laksa – In the Middle
6. Throwing Snow – Idealog
7. Bambounou – Kosovo Hardcore
8. Martyn – Recon
9. DJ FIRMEZA – 25
10. Devagar – Charabanc
11. DJ JM – Santa’s Not Dead
12. Avernian & Strick – Beef Shellington
13. Szare – Miner
14. Lauren Flax – One Man’s House is Another Woman’s Techno
15. Rhyw – Capeskin Blood
16. Shcaa – Pacific Gold
17. Bhed – east
18. Ikuo Hayashi – Achromatic Birth
19. Serpente – Nivel de Cinza
20. i-CUBE Prepgav I
21. Okand Konstnar – Price Tags
22. Daniel-i- – Sgyro
23. Bohdan – Tungsten
24. Truncate – Missing
25. Joe Craven – Free Willy
26. Nene H – Enter Your House
27. HAMO – Hamophonic #1 A1
28. Pearson Sound – XLB
29. Marco Shuttle – Arpex
30. Hainbach – Entropy First 60-65

About 100.000
Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2017, 100.000 is an independent record label that currently has offices in Jakarta, ID and Baltimore, USA. Aside from releasing cassettes, shirts and prints, 100.000 hosts a weekly mix series on Mixcloud and a monthly radio show on Internet Public Radio (Guadalajara, Mexico).

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