Are you ready to feel both energized and nostalgic? The newest mix from Mairakilla has got you covered. “Maichi-DDR!” is inspired by the classic, arcade game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Mairakilla feels DJing is similar to playing DDR. Her motto is “Kejar terus sampai dapat!” (“Don’t miss a beat!”). This mix doesn’t miss a beat, as it seamlessly shifts between club genres, never letting up on the bass, and never straying far from the DDR inspiration.

We have two more amazing mixers coming in June: Issay (Manilla) and Shunhor (Tokyo)!

Mairakilla’s Bio
Mairakilla is half Japanese, half Indonesian, born and raised on the island of Bali.

A dancer and drummer, she has been surrounded by music since she was a child. With a dancer mother and a DJ father, there was a natural path for her to follow.

Her DJ sets cover a variety of genres; from intense House to Techno, Breakbeat to Baltimore Club, Footwork to the Ghettotech, and funky, Vogue Breaks. She is a resident DJ for several Bali clubs; Finns Beach Club, Rock Bar and Mirror, and has been a featured mixer for Orbitware, Norrm Radio, PaddyGrooves, 140+, and Distinkt Riddim.

Mairakilla shares the feeling and energy of her deep love and appreciation of music in all of her sets. She will definitely serve you that Jimbaran bass energy!


1. Neuropunk – CYBORG
2. AMEN the Producer – The DJ Track
3. Wheez-ie – Five Fingered Salute
4. Itoa – Top Deck
5. Sico Vox – Pump up the Jam
6. Young Luxenberg – Drop it Like it’s Hot
7. Dave Nunes – Breathe
8. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah! (Wheez-ie remix)
9. Itoa – You’re the One for Me
10. Anna Morgan – Mi Gyal Dem
11. Major Lazor – Original Don (Fuzz Edit)
12. BASSBEAR!! – TecnoBow (155 Edit)
13. Lava Dome – Hair Down
14. FoxMind x Yilan – Bottleneck
15. Guzz – 星海 (Star Sea)
16. DBK – Deep
17. DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and Taso – Roll Up That Loud
18. EQ Why – Pimp Breeze
19. – Butterfly (Dance Dance Revolution X)
20. NAOKI – B4U Glorious Style (Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix)

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