Title: Indrakustik plays Mocca
Release Date: 2016. 5. 20 / 2016. 5. 24
Barcode: 880 911 469 077 8
Catlogue Number: BEAT-77

[About Indrakustik]
Listening to songs from Indrakustik album awakens sense of nostalgia, where beautiful thoughts and
sorrow fuse into one. Through picks from his fingertips, Indra could tell a story even without words. He
interprets Mocca songs in his own unique way.
My first encounter with Indra took place at Lucky Friday Night Concert at Padepokan Mayang Sunda,
an event organized by Swinging Friends to celebrate Mocca 15th Birthday. By the time I arrived at the
venue, Indra just started his set list. Listening to his performance from the backstage, I was
mesmerized when he played ‘Hanya Satu’ song. I felt touched, happy and joyful. “Beautiful” was the
only word to describe his performance. After that night we stayed in touch.
Indra Kusuma, a music teacher at SMA Negeri 15 Bandung, teacher at Kelas Mocca program, an UPI
graduate, a guitarist on a new wave ska band called BIO and also involve in tons of musical project,
has a desire to record Mocca songs in instrumental format. After a long discussion, all of us decided
to release his work by the name of Indrakustik through our Label Lucky Me Music. Due to Mocca’s
hectic schedule this project was on hold for a while. Until one day we meet a young talented music
producer Tesla Manaf.
Indra, together with Tesla started to work things in the studio since October 2015. Nine Mocca songs
were picked to be covered by Indra. At infinite studio and Tesla Manaf studio, he finally finished the
recording process. By the end of December, master of the album was completed and the result was
beyond expectations.
All Mocca songs had successfully reconstructed without eliminating their true essences. A classic
number like ‘Secret Admirer’ and ‘Me & my boyfriend’ were transformed into something fresh. As a
host, Indra also invited Arina to be featured on ‘stars in your eyes’. Also through his touch, ‘Hanya
Satu’ brought tears in our eyes. All Mocca songs are evolved into something new.
This album will be released simultaneously on May 24th 2016 in Indonesia (Lucky Me Music) and in
South Korea (Beatball records). Beatball records is the music label that distributes all Mocca records
in South Korea.
Alas, it is impossible to satisfy everyone personal taste. One thing for sure, Mocca songs are alive,
growing, regenerate, and belong to many people. Including you.
Mocca always wanted to inherit their songs as a legacy for younger generations, and through
Indrakustik that journey starts.

Riko Prayitno from Mocca

4F. Dongmyoung Bldg., 28, World Cup-ro 10-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04004 South Korea
+82(0)2-323-8685 +82(0)2-322-0574

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