We hear you, yes, we know what you want.
Sometimes people just want to watch their favorite musician,
up-close and personal, not crowded so they could enjoy every seconds of it.

Introducing, LOVEPOTTED. A brand activation program by @mezzanine.jogja.
Gonna be the new way to enjoy concert, meals, and experience at the same time.
You can feel the “Extra Attention” that’ll you get there!


Mark the date!

Tuesday, November 26th 2019

Mezzanine Eatery and Coffee
Jl. Palagan km 8 No. 30, Yogyakarta

Open gate 06.00 p.m.

You can buy the tickets through our contact persons:
0822 4231 7882 / 0878 2406 3145

Who’s gonna be your companion to go to LOVEPOTTED? Ask them, let them know!

#LOVEPOTTED by @mezzanine.jogja and supported by @signaturetimeout_id #SignatureTimeOut

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