Mahamboro releases new three-act LP “Infinit.”

Different intonations, voices, and expressions make different lines. When we read stories, or unarchived, oral stories, we could almost never point out which part of the stories are made up. Is it even the ‘right’ story? Are there other, multiple derivative stories behind the story itself? What if there’s a concept, where if we tell, or make a different story, that story would actually happen in another reality. Just like making our choices among the options that we are given at one point in time, leading us to another set of options of reality. The opportunities. The possibilities. The side effects. A concept of multiple realities, in which every decisions or choices that we make at any given point in reality defines another set of multiple realities. Time. Space. Dimension. An infinite story line.

Mahamboro’s “Infinit.” can now be downloaded through Bandcamp and The Store Front.


Mahamboro lahir di Magelang dan saat ini tinggal di Yogyakarta — Ia seorang musisi dan sound designer. menamatkan studi master di Institut Seni Surakarta di tahun 2019. Ia kerap menciptakan komposisi musik untuk tari kontemporer dan beberapa karya theater. Ketertarikannya dengan kondisi sosial dan bunyi berpengaruh kuat di karya-karya musiknya.

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