“One for The Past” : Lunar Blessing’s Big Break After Heartbreak

After the release of their first single “Last Train”, Lunar Blessing continue to bless our ears with their debut EP called “One for The Past.”

This EP comes with 5 tracks consisting of “Captivate”, “Treasury & Gallery”, “Last Train”, “Cloverleaf”, and “Closure”. The flashbacks, the could’ve been, and the hopes are all spread out across the board for this long-waited EP as their journey through happy days and heartbreak. These tracks were written by Fathi Mujadidi & Akhe Salsabila and produced independently by Fransiskus Denny at Slo Records. Lunar Blessing was helped by the assistance of Laurensius Jodi and Maria Michelle as additional vocals for the coda in “Last Train”, also with an exquisite art piece made by Pipin Mukharammah (@hamoraqum) to visualize the mood for this EP.

“One for The Past” will be available on October 15th 2021 through various platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, JOOX, YouTube Music, you name it. Play these songs and rendezvous with Lunar Blessing; take a step forward and move past your tangling memories.



About Lunar Blessing
Lunar Blessing is a bedroom pop music group based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, consisting of Fathi Mujadidi (Jadid) & Akhe Salsabila (Akhe) as the vocalists, Wihandono Putro (Handop) as the guitarist, and Fransiskus Denny (Denny) as the bassist, in which they craft ate-night-music inside their chambers. This project was originally initiated by Denny & Jadid back in 2018, as they uploaded several tracks in Soundcloud and received good responses from internet audiences.

Email : lunarblsng@gmail.com
Instagram : instagram.com/lunarblsng
Twitter : twitter.com/lunarblsng
Phone : +62 823-1313-2030 (Juan)

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