Hi! The crazy rich asian, Rizkan, is fukkin back to haunt your bulk email again! Like why not, whosse such a crazy man is willingly to ruin his own personal financial for funding fukking scene! YAS I AM THE CRAZY RICH ASIAN! Okay enough with the bullshit and this time we spent ur shit off for Super Star Destroyer!

Its been really lovely for putting out good new fresh band with the new tunes! Yap it is to personally. But Super Star Destroyer is not dat new guy that you’re about to guess. Its actually a moniker project by Farhan Pratama of Fatrace where you know Fatrace is more punk rock thing than this one he’s going a bit different with the tunes. It goes like he’s more into a beach-boy song writing lyrics or let say this one has a more pop content than Fatrace. Will lets think about when someone used to write kind of Teenage Bottlerocket or Methadones than about to be more poppy by listening a lot to bands like Beatnik Termites, Travoltas, Pelotan up to the pop side of Queers or Dr Frank.

We put out this one on CD-R and we dont sale them on bandcamp (Well at least this will be put out on bandcamp on the band’s site). Its very nice of you if you could put out ur stuffs into your webzine which this kind of promotion is totally critical for this kind of labour of love division. Just lemme know if you any infos or anything for putting em online.

Streaming Site :

Rizkan Records’ Sites :
Bandcamp – https://rizkanrecords.bandcamp.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RizkanRecords
Website – http://rizkanrecords.blogspot.com/

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