Vespucci Villain is a fresh take on retro sounding bands from Medan, Indonesia. Formed in 2019, the band is influenced by new wave sounds and picked retro pop as their genre. The band is somewhat new but funnily the band consists of (arguably) the scene-makers in Medan. Meki from TBRX, Apas from The Clays, Afif from Garside and Dika the ex-guitarist of Eleanor Whisper. Currently, they try to switch things up, getting away from their usual-comfort playground that their previous bands provided.

Heads up, because Vespucci Villain is on the move for their debut single, Caraphernelia. They also aim for an EP and consistently having fun producing sonic pieces.

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Caraphernelia is the first single from Vespucci Villain. Caraphernelia, by word, is a state when someone you love leaves you, the memories or moments with them will somehow stays within your mind. The lyricist takes the perspective of someone that has been left, but they still want the person to stay. He knows it is impossible, but voices it anyway because the strength of the memories.

From arrangement POV, Caraphernelia explores the sounds of synth-guitar effects as the main theme. The background of the music stays true to the retro/electronic roots, while the vocals and guitars give modern takes. This song also plays with dynamics and a little throwback to pop music from late 80’s.



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