VTM. are Esa Mbouw, Vanessa Mbouw and Sukma
Pieters. Although new as three-part band, Esa and
Sukma have been supporting Vanessa’s solo
project, vanessaTM. since 2013.
With a new name and formation, they are bringing
forth a new sound truly unlike any other in the
world. Influenced by acts such as CHRVCHES, The
M Machine and Ellie Goulding, the band is
classified as an indie synth-pop band, but shocks
listeners with their electric guitar details and
incorporation of traditional Indonesian sounds to
represent their homecountry. represent their homecountry.
Countdown [Reloaded] is the second
incarnation of what was originally a
vanessaTM. track. With its electronic makeover,
Countdown [Reloaded] is the perfect transition
track connecting the East and the West, the old
and the new.

Facebook: /wearevtm
Twitter: @wearevtm | Instagram: @wearevtm
Contact: wearevtm.id@gmail.com

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